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Harry Potter // The Next Generation

Twenty five years after Harry Potter and his friends defeated Lord Voldemort, their children are happily enjoying Hogwarts. However, it's changed quite a bit since the Trio has been at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry... Now, the kids are braver, they do crazier things, and danger always seems to be lurking around the corner. Can you handle Hogwarts?

Eura Cooper || Slytherin || Third Year || FC: Eleanor Zichy || Open

It’s very rare to hear Eura talk. Some people call Eura mute because they’ve never heard her utter one single word. She’s not scared to talk, more that she never feels the need to. She likes to use her facial expressions as her mode of communication. She has a tendency to disappear for days on end but always reappears. When Eura talks, its normally a string of elegant words that leave people speechless. Eura will sometimes tag along to parties with her brother and his friends. She doesn’t have friends and doesn’t really think she needs them. She has her brother and that’s all she thinks she needs.

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